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Land Information System

  • What is a Land Information System?

A Land Information System (LIS) is a "tool for legal, administrative and economic decision making, and an aid for planning and development which consists of a database containing spatially referenced land related data for a defined area and of procedures and techniques for the systematic collection, updating, processing and distribution of that data".

A LIS is a decision-making tool that creates, visualizes, analyzes, reports and publishes land-based data such as parcel information, land use, ownership and general property information. In addition to those land related data, LIS may contain other additional information such as statistical information based on socio-economic data, land cover pattern, and etc.,

  • LIS of Survey Department

Land Information System developed by the Survey Department is a geographic information system that created using Cadastral survey data. It is designed specifically to contain the spatial information related to the defined area so called land parcel.

The input for this LIS is surveyed land parcel boundaries. The surveyed parcel data are quality checked by the respective Superintendent of Surveys and then certified by the Senior Superintendent of Surveys. After that the said digital data set is received by the LIS branch at the Surveyor General’s office (Head Office).

The received digital data been subject to data processing to see the completeness of the digital data and then convert to the LIS data model which could be viewed through the web. At the moment the SD has taken necessary initiatives to collaborate with the user organizations to use this parcel data as a base data layer for them to gather the other information related to own process.

Monday 03-03-2014